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The Ultimate List of 1st Birthday Cake Ideas

1st Birthday Cake Ideas


A child’s first birthday is a very special occasion. It commemorates all the ways they have grown in the last year, from a mostly sleeping infant to a mobile little person. They have developed a personality by then, and may have even began to show interest in certain colors, or characters they see in books or on television. These 1st birthday cake ideas can all be used to plan the theme of their very first birthday party, with the perfect cake to match.

Alphabet 1st Birthday Cake

These fondant replicas of fridge magnet letters are perfect for a little one’s first birthday cake, and with two tiers there will be enough for the extended family and their friends to enjoy.

Rainbow Layered No 1 Cake

Though the design of this cake takes skill and time to execute, the perfect layers of seven colors will have guests applauding even before the candle is blown out.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

Bring a little girl’s favorite song to life with this fabulous cake, with matching cupcakes for an additional treat.

Hot Air Balloon 1st Birthday Cake

This sky-themed cake comes complete with fondant hot air balloons, puffy clouds, and a few charming birds carrying banners to celebrate a little one’s big day.

1st Birthday Cakes for Boys

Monster 1st Birthday Cake

Any little boy would love to nibble on these adorable monsters, with their beautifully made edible faces, arms, and even tongues.

Year of the Tiger First Birthday Cake

This is the perfect cake for a child who has not discovered his first favorite cartoon character, as it incorporates his birth year into his birthday cake, with a few additions for a fun look.

Fishing 1st Birthday Cake

This adorable cake topper of fish garland and accompanying sign look great over the blue water icing of this fishing-themed cake.

Boy’s Number One Birthday Cake

First Birthday Cake Topper

Any little princess would love this sparkly banner, hung with pink and white string between two fluffy pom-poms.

1st Birthday Lion Cake

Using Cheerio’s for a mane, pretzels for whiskers, and a couple of brown candy pieces for eyes, anyone can make this simple lion cake.

Boy’s Monkey Birthday Cake

This adorable cake uses fondant for the number and circle accents, perfect to make any little boy’s dream of a monkey cake come true.

1st Birthday Cakes for Girls

Floral First Birthday Cake

Huge pink icing roses fit perfectly with a floral themed party, and the sparkly gold hearts and big number 1 top it perfectly.

Sweethearts 1st Birthday Cake

Butterfly No. 1 Cake

Though the wings are not edible, the rest of these cute pink fondant butterflies are, and they are easy to make, too.

Under the Sea Birthday Cake

This adorable underwater scene cake adorned with a delightful sea shell topper is perfect for a mermaid-themed pool party for a little girl.

1st Birthday Cupcake Cake

This giant cupcake iced with pretty flowers makes a sweet cake for a baby girl, and replaces the traditional pink with a glittery gold number 1 topper.

3-Tier Girl’s 1st Birthday Cake

This cake uses the traditional pink and white for its colors and accents, with the top tier a perfectly carved cupcake cake.

Simple First Birthday Cake

Among the most unique 1st birthday cake ideas, this elegant cake leaves out the cartoons in favor of small fondant circles for names and a bigger number 1.

Little Bird 1st Birthday Cake

The pastel colors of this are a bit more subtle for a sophisticated look, with the pretty bird on top, and the lovely pink ribbon and bow on the bottom.

Themed 1st Birthday Cakes

Dr. Seuss Birthday cake

Little ones love the repetitive rhymes of Dr Seuss, and this cake brings them to life, at least until the cutting and serving begins.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

This vintage Wonderland cake comes complete with the White Rabbit and his watch, the Hatter’s teapot, little mushrooms, and a large keyhole for peeking through.

Winnie the Pooh Cake

Bring the whole Hundred Acre Wood to the party with every one of the little one’s favorite characters, all of which are made of sugar paste, and tasty as can be.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

Hidden beneath the buttercream frosting, fondant, colorful caterpillar and nibbled fruit is a lovely rainbow layer cake that will delight the little birthday child.

Vintage Circus 1st Birthday Cake

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake

For a parent with neither the time of the talent to make a Minnie Mouse themed cake, this tiered pink and black beauty can be purchased, and even delivered right to the party.

Farm Animal First Birthday Cake

These bright-eyed farm animals are as adorable as they are delicious, but beware, they may encourage the children of the party to start speaking their barnyard languages.

Carousel 1st Birthday Cake

This vintage carousel cake is beautiful in pastel colors, with lovely banners and adorable horses circling the sides, and a numbered gold flag on top.

1rst Birthday Ladybug Cake

Football Themed First Birthday Cake

Though he may be too young to pick a favorite team, this football-themed cake is still sure to delight a little boy who has learned to love throwing a ball.

Homemade 1st Birthday Cake Ideas

Rainbow Sprinkle 1st Birthday Cake

This simple treat is vanilla cake layered with whipped cream and strawberries, topped with buttercream, with sprinkles surrounding a large number 1.

Cookie Monster Birthday cake with Cookie Dough Ice Cream Filling

There is no surprise that this adorable blue monster has a cookie dough middle, nestled between layers of dark chocolate mocha cake.

Fresh Fruit 1st Birthday cake

If seeking a healthier option for 1st birthday cake ideas, this cake-shaped watermelon topped with berries, grapes, and ringed with peaches is a tasty option, with natural sugars instead of the refined kind.

A little one’s first birthday is a special event, not just for the child and the parents, but for the whole family and their friends who attend the celebration, and the cake will be displayed prominently in pictures with the star of the party, so be sure it is one to remember for years to come.