The Best Gifts for Bakers

gifts for bakers


The holiday season is right around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking up a list of perfect gifts. Bakers, whether novice or experienced, can be notoriously hard to buy for. We’ve scoured every nook and cranny of the internet to find the absolute best gifts for bakers this holiday season.

Best Christmas Gift for Bakers

Rachel Ray 10 pc Cucina Bakeware Set

If there’s one thing that every baker needs, it’s complete bakeware set containing every type of baking pan and sheet for their culinary adventures. Rachel Ray’s 10pc Cucina Bakeware set has everything your favorite baker needs, and more.

The non-stick set includes baking pans, baking sheets, cake pans, bread pan, and a muffin tin. Each component is made of heavy gauge steel, with rolled edges for extra durability and steady handling.

The complete set comes in latte brown, a somewhat copperish color that will work with most kitchen decor. Colored accent handle grips of cranberry or agave blue add a nice splash of color. Considering what you get, this set is a great, economical gift – and if you choose the agave blue accent, the price is even less.

Unique Gifts for Bakers

Custom Recipe Towels

custom recipe flour sack hand towel

Do you have a treasured family recipe that gets passed around on a tattered piece of paper? There’s a solution to preserving this treasure while sharing one of the most unique gifts for bakers. Have your favorite recipes printed directly on kitchen hand towels, and share them with your favorite bakers this holiday season.

Simply scan the image of your cherished recipe, and it will be transferred as-is to a flour sack hand towel. The beauty of this gift is in all the little details that come through, like tattered page corners, the personal handwriting, the random little spill, or a baker’s thumbprint.

Turnaround time on these towels is usually just a few days, but with the holiday season coming up, you’re going to want to place your order as early as possible. Order time can be delayed for scans that require editing. Each towel is $20, with a discount when you order six or more.

KitchenAid Sifter + Scale Attachment

Any serious baker understands that accurate measurement is key to the perfect baked good. When measuring dry ingredients, weight is a more precise measure than volume, making all the difference in taste and consistency. KitchenAid has outdone themselves again with a sifter + scale attachment that hooks right onto their iconic stand mixer.

Compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixers, this attachment holds, measures, and sifts up to 4 cups of dry ingredients. Turn it on, and the accurately measured contents are slowly sifted directly into the mixing bowl.

The attachment, which comes with its own storage case, lists for $169 but keep an eye on for great deals on Amazon, where you might snag a great deal on this perfect gift for the baker in your life.

Personalized Wine Bottle Rolling Pin

Personalized wine bottle rolling pin

We all have that one person in our lives that loves to experiment in the kitchen, but what do you give them when they seem to have everything already? Take a step beyond the typical and give them a personalized, useful gift that also makes a gorgeous addition to their countertop – like a personalized wine bottle rolling pin.

This maple wood rolling pin is in the shape of a wine bottle, and who hasn’t grabbed a wine bottle as a makeshift rolling pin at some point in their life? Customize the “wine label” with names and a special vintage date. This is a perfect gift for a wedding, engagement, or a couple’s first holiday together.

Easy to clean and custom-crafted in the United States, this beautiful rolling pin costs in the ballpark of $75.

Baker Cheat Sheet Apron

Every baker knows you can never have too many aprons but it isn’t often that you come across one that’s functional in more than one way. The Smart Baker Cheat Sheet Baking Apron has all the measurement conversions your baker needs printed right on the apron for easy access.

Featured on Shark Tank, this apron comes in 5 different colors and has all the standard baking conversions printed at the bottom of the apron – upside down. This makes it possible for the wearer to lift the apron’s edge, read it, and quickly get on with their baking.

These aprons are one size fits all, with adjustable, no-tie hardware. Plus, a portion of your order goes directly to a non-profit organization that makes custom treats for families that have been impacted by critical childhood illness.

Best Gifts for Cupcake Bakers

Cupcake Liners – No Muffin Tin Needed

Cupcakes are a favorite treat at any time of the year. If you’re looking to get on someone’s sweet side, and maybe be gifted a special batch of cupcakes, stand-alone cupcake liners are a great Christmas gift for bakers. This set from Gabkey is 100 pieces of disposable, no-muffin tin needed, cupcake liners.

This colorful assortment of liners is perfect for any occasion. They’re heat-proof, water-proof, oil-proof, and anti-stick, plus they showcase your baker’s creation in a beautiful new way.

Did we mention that this is a great economical gift as well? One hundred liners cost less than $15 and will put a big smile on any cupcake baker’s face.

5 Tier Round Cupcake Stand

It’s easy to find attractive, functional cake stands but cupcake stands are another story. They’re either too small, bulky, or put together in a way that smashes all that hard work. The Smart Baker solves this problem with a 5 tier, adjustable cupcake stand.

This easy to clean, easy to assemble/disassemble cupcake stand is made from PVC plastic and holds 70-90 full-size cupcakes. The design leaves plenty of room to show off all their beautiful creations and intricate decorating work.

This is the perfect gift for a cupcake baker that caters, sells at markets, or entertains frequently.

Gifts for Bread Bakers

Programmable Bread Machine

There are bread making machines, and then there are bread-making machines that are among the ultimate perfect gifts for bread bakers. The KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Baking Machine is definitely one that any bread baker will be excited to open and start using right away.

Unlike your standard bread machine, this one holds up to 2lbs of dough and includes 17 programmable options for just about every loaf style and type of crust imaginable. Coming in at under $140, this bread maker has everything you need for endless experimentation and delicious bread baking.

Proofing Basket

Proofing baskets are essential for bread bakers that want to move beyond your everyday loaf of bread. They help add shape to the bread, and a good proofing basket also pulls away moisture from the bread, so you get a nice thick crust when baking. This 9-inch proofing basket is just the thing for a bread baker looking to level up their game.

Each basket holds up to 1.5lbs of dough and will turn a casual bread baker into a master crafter of artisanal bread. This is a perfect economical gift at just a little over $30.

San Francisco Sourdough Starter

sourdough starter

It wasn’t that long ago that yeast for bread-making was a scarcity on store shelves as many people tried their hands at homemade bread baking. Indeed, a few aspiring bread-bakers came from this, and if you have one on your gift list, this San Francisco Sourdough Starter is a great gift.

A sourdough starter is a fermented bread dough that takes the place of yeast in baked goods. It’s also the gift that keeps on giving. You “feed” the starter regularly with water and flour to keep it active, so in essence, it’s being replenished as it’s being used.

At under $10, this is a gift any bread baker will love.

Best Gifts for Cookie Bakers

Adjustable Rolling Pins for Perfect Cookies

Creating the perfect cookie, while worth it, can be a bit challenging. The secret is rolling out the dough to an even, perfect thickness, but it’s hard to get it right. This Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin solves the problem.

This wooden rolling pin comes with adjustable rings on each side that ensure the cookie dough is rolled out just right. It’s ideal for all types of cookies and other types of pastries, like tarts, pie crust, pizza dough, and more.

Silicone Baking Mats

Anyone serious about cookie making knows that silicone mats are where it’s at. This set of 3 high-quality, professional-grade, silicone baking mats is exactly the gift for cookie bakers that you’ve been looking for.

The three mats are BPA-free, easy to clean, and eliminate the need for parchment paper, aluminum foil, and non-stick cooking sprays. Plus, this is just essential that everyone should have in their kitchen, so you might want to pick up a set for yourself as well.

Best Gifts for Beginning Bakers

Kids 35 Piece Baking Set

It’s never too early to instill a love of baking, and this complete baking set is just the thing a young, aspiring baker needs to unleash their creativity. This 35-piece set from Risebrite includes all the essentials – like an apron, hat, measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, silicone making cups, and more.

While designed for young bakers, this is an excellent basic set for anyone starting with an interest in baking. The utensils are also easy to grip and use, making this a good set for anyone with limited motor skills and hands.

Gifts for Cake Bakers

Spin and Serve Cake Decorating Stand

spin and serve cake decorating stand

Are you looking to give the cake baker in your life something a little extra special this year? A spinning cake decorating stand is a must for smooth, precision cake decoration. This one from Uncommon Goods isn’t just functional; it’s also beautiful to look at.

Crafted from slate and gorgeous Vermont Maplewood, this cake decorating stand doubles as an eye-catching centerpiece to serve the cake from. A far cry from your standard, plastic cake decorating stand, this is sure to be a cherished gift for years to come.

Pre-cut Cake Pan Parchment Sheets

Sometimes the best gift for a cake baker is a practical one. Cutting sheets of parchment to fit each pan is time-consuming, not to mention a waste of parchment. The Smart Baker comes through again, with pre-cut parchment sheets that perfectly fit your baker’s favorite cake pan.

You can choose between a 6,8,9, or 10-inch pack. You can also order a combo bundle that has all the bases covered. This ingenious design includes parchment tabs on each liner that makes it easy to lift the cake out of the pan all in one piece. Practical and perfect for your cake baker.

Funny Gifts for Bakers

Funny Kitchen Towels

Funny kitchen towels

Lost for an idea of what to get the baker in your life? Well, if a sense of humor is part of their secret recipe, they’ll love any one of these funny baking-themed kitchen towels you can find on Etsy. The selection of funny kitchen towels feature themes that range from cute to almost sinister. You’re guaranteed to find a hit here, and some towels are even customizable.

Funny T-shirt for Bakers

funny baking t-shirts

Bakers can be very serious about their craft, but a little light-hearted humor is always appreciated. This funny t-shirt showcases a sentiment that many bakers can agree with.

This 100% cotton shirt comes in two styles, with various colors and sizes to choose from—a truly unique and funny gift for the devoted baker that has everything.


What would you put in a baker’s gift basket?

Gift baskets make the best gifts for bakers, but finding the perfect gadgets to add to the basket can be challenging. Some favorites to add to a baker’s gift basket include essentials like a plastic dough scraper, pastry brush, a good whisk set, cookie dough scooper, and offset spatulas are ideal for frosting cakes.

You can also personalize the gift basket with a personalized hand towel printed with their favorite recipe for an extra special touch.

What to buy the baker who has everything?

Those who are serious about baking seem to have every kitchen gadget under the sun and are always first in line to try out something new. For the baker in your life that has everything, it’s a good idea to step away from the typical cookie-cutter gifts (pun intended) and go for personalization instead.

Gifts like the personalized hand towels and rolling pin featured above are sure to please the baker that has everything. You can find other personalized baking tools, like personalized face cookie cutters or baking-themed t-shirts that will perfectly match their personality.

It seems too early to even think about holiday gift-giving, but we all know how quickly the season can creep up. Choosing the best gifts for bakers isn’t always easy, but the options on this list are sure to win a thumbs up from every type of baker on your list. Besides the smiles, you just might get something delicious made especially for you as the ultimate thank you.