Valentines Day

Valentines Day Treats For Kids

Valentines Day Treats For Kids


These fun Valentine’s Day treats for kids will be a big hit at school or a party. Not only are they easy to make, fun to trade and give, but delish too!

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Simple sugar cookies shaped using a cookie cutter set with messages inside are a new twist on the candy conversation hearts found in stores at this time of year.

valentines day cookie cutter
valentines day cookie cutters

You can find these special “Message in a Cookie” cutters here.

Heart Cookie Pops

A mixture of crushed and whole conversation hearts dress up a frosted cookie in a way ordinary sprinkles can’t, and adding a stick makes this treat easier, more fun, and less messy to eat.

Valentine Rice Krispie Treats

A bit of pink food coloring and a heart-shaped cookie cutter make the ordinary Rice Krispie treat into a fast and easy Valentine’s Day favorite.

Chocolate Party Spoons

Melted chocolate poured into a spoon and accessorized with sprinkles, jelly beans, and various other candies make a delicious treat, and if they are strong enough, the spoons can be reusable as well.

Chocolate Pretzel Buttons

Pretzels are the base for this easy Valentine’s treat, centered with any flavor of Hershey’s Kisses and topped with red and pink chocolate M&M’s.

Sweet Heart Cupcakes

Regular cupcakes and frosting become so much more with this interesting design, created by cutting off the top of a large-domed cupcake, using a cookie cutter to create the heart-shaped hole, and then replacing it over a dome-shaped layer of frosting.

Easy Valentine Day Cookies

For those with little time but lots of love to share, these store-bought pink wafer cookies dipped in chocolate and decorated with various candy sprinkles are a quick treat that is sure to delight.

Heart Cake Pops

Cake pops made of icing and an ordinary crumbled up cake become a Valentine’s Day treat when cut into heart shapes and coated with red and pink candy melts.

Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

Share the love of this holiday with soft strawberry ice cream nestled between homemade chocolate heart cookies.

Valentine Cookie Pops

These simple treats are made by inserting wooden sticks into premade cookie dough, cooking them up, and topping them with ready-to-spread frosting and Valentine’s themed candies.

Sprinkles Hearts and Marshmallows

These delicious chocolate cookies are easy to make, with a bright white frosting and colorful heart sprinkles to celebrate this day of love.

Mini Baked Donuts

These little beauties are baked in the oven using a mini donut pan, coated with pink and white candy melts, and topped with red, pink and brown sprinkles.

Love Bug Cookies

Chocolate-coated marshmallow Malomars are the base for these adorable treats, made using candy melts for the red backs, candy eyes, and sprinkles for the decorative hearts and spots.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

These red velvet heart-shaped cakes sandwiched together with cream cheese icing are easier to make then they look, and are the perfect size to fit the hand of a loved one.

Easy Valentine Sandwich Cookies

This easy cookie doesn’t just make a delicious, jam-filled, frosted treat, but the cut-out centers are also baked for a cute, bite-sized delight.