Party Desserts

Oscar Party Desserts

Oscar Party Desserts


The best Oscar party desserts include upscale cake pops, chocolate covered fruit, cupcakes, and cookies. We have everything you’ll need to make your Oscar party special!

Walk of Fame Brownies

The perfect size for a sweet treat, these brownies sit on a bed of licorice and shine with gold dust.

Tuxedo Strawberries

Turn your regular chocolate covered strawberries from drab to fab with these stylish tuxedo accents, complete with a tiny bow tie.

Tiramisu Shooters

Perfectly portioned dessert cups can be grabbed by guests on the way to their seats to watch the awards show.

Sweet Salty Popcorn Balls

These are pretty inexpensive to make and will satisfy both the savory and the sweet cravings, and can be customized with the preferred flavor of drizzle.

Red Carpet Tuxedo Cake Pops

Make these dashing cake pops ahead of time, and your guests will be surprised by your dedication to keeping the theme of the desserts.

Movie Cupcakes

Add some pizzazz to regular ole cupcakes with embellishments that show your love of the cinema. Gold stars and film reels top the fluffy icing.

Metallic Gold Macarons

They’re like regular macarons, but gold! Add a tray of these to your party for a subtle hint of glamour.

Film Reel Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you don’t have chocolate ice cream on hand, opt for frozen chocolate mousse. Light and fluffy but just as yummy.

Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt

These can be made ahead of time, but be careful- it’s easy to keep popping them in your mouth without even realizing it.

Hollywoods Big Night Chocolate Dipped Chip Bar

Dress up regular potato chips with chocolate tuxedos or decorations of coconut and gold flakes. The options are limitless.

Champagne Chantilly Shooters

These taste just as fancy as they look. The gold sugared rim screams glamour and the shooter style is the perfect size.

Brownie Popcorn Bags

These are a great option when you want brownies AND icing, with marshmallows as a bonus. The kids can even help decorate.

Awards Night Sugar Cookies

All of your guests can leave the party with their own gold statue. Personalizing the categories can add a special touch.

Award Show Cake Pops

You’ll have the best dressed cake pops in town, that’s for sure. We’ve seen the tuxes, but the dresses take the cake (literally!).

Adorable Popcorn Cupcakes

Marshmallows are a great alternative to regular frosting, and heating the top give the illusion of popped corn kernels.

When choosing which Oscar party desserts to make for the big night, consider an array of choices for your guests. There will be chocolate lovers, as well as those who aren’t so keen on it. There will also be those who love icing and frosting, and those who opt out of the sweet toppings. Whatever you make will sure be a hit with these themed desserts and their ability to be made in advance. You’ll be able to spend the party with your guests and not in the kitchen.