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Super Bowl Desserts Everyone Will Love!

Super Bowl Desserts


Super Bowl Desserts

The big day is around the corner, so what will you be serving for dessert? Here are 22 Super Bowl desserts everyone will love!

Super Bowl Cakes

Game Day Chocolate Cake

This cake can be decorated with football themed cookies, ensuring that there are sweets for everyone’s taste.

Football Cake

Not requiring much skill, this oval cake on a rectangle cake will feed every mouth at your super bowl party.

Here are the unique supplies you’ll need:


Game Ball Cake

Using special frosting decorating tips can help you achieve this rugged texture.


Easy Super Bowl Desserts

With everything else you’re doing to prepare for your Super Bowl party, you need a few quick and easy desserts.

Football Cocoa-Crispy Treats

These crispy footballs are a great alternative for those who find icing just a bit too sweet.

Yard Line Oreos

Make these ahead of time so that you can relax on the day of the big game.


Game Day Peanut Butter Cups

These use just a few ready-made items from the grocery store to make the cutest touchdowns.

While everyone can usually find Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, those cute chocolate footballs can be difficult locally, so here is a one lb bag.

Super Bowl Cupcakes

Pull Apart Touch Down Cupcakes

Change the colors of the gummy bears to match those of the teams playing or write the team names at the end of the field.

Double Chocolate Football Cupcakes

Using just one bowl and a few hours out of your afternoon, these can be made in a pinch.

Helmet Cupcakes

These helmet cupcakes can be personalized with any mini memorabilia for your favorite team.

Cute Super Bowl Desserts

Nacho Cheesecake

Freak your guests out with this cute nacho cheesecake, candy garnishes and all.

Cookie Dough Footballs

Don’t worry— this cookie dough is safe to eat raw.

Cookies and Cream Cheese Ball

Cookies or pretzels can be dipped into this delicious football.

Frozen Footballs

Make these ahead of time to cool off after the heated game.

Healthy Desserts for the Super Bowl

Fruit Helmet

As an appetizer or dessert, the bite sized fruits are great for grabbing on the go.

Football Strawberries

Combining romance with sports—why’d it take so long to do it?

Apple Football Treats

Adults will appreciate the taste, while kids will be happy to get some chocolate.

Super Bowl Cookies

Peanut Butter Football Cookie

Forgo an icing covered cake for this rich peanut butter cookie.

Kickoff Cookie Bites

Small bites of sweet after a large meal are the icing on the cake—no pun intended!

Football Jersey Cookies

Customize these for your favorite team or mix it up with rivaling teams.

Game Face Cookies

Let the kids get involved with decorating the faces.

Football Sugar Cookies

Classic cookies and icing decorated with a classic football design.

Football Whoopie Pies


These can be made ahead of time and refrigerated until your guests are ready to devour them.

Save money by opting for homemade treats on Super bowl Sunday. You will be able to customize them to match the jerseys you’ll be sporting, and even count the kids in for help on some of them. There is something for everyone on this list, even those who opt for desserts that don’t have icing, or desserts that don’t have chocolate. With the treats that can be made ahead of time, you’ll save time and stress on the day of the big game. The last thing you’ll want to be doing is decorating a cake while the game is on.